Hello, I’m Nicole!

My name is Nicole Lee Farrell and this is just a bit of fun about me and my life.

Firstly, I live in the best country in the world which is Canada, so I am Canadian. My dog, Lucy, is a Golden Sheltie with a growing audience on Instagram that enjoys spending time at the dog park in Oshawa and hiking through our favourite places including Darlington Provincial Park, Secord Pond and anywhere near the water. I grew up living in Port Perry and I hope that one day  I can build my own house in a smaller town with a lake nearby. By day, I work at General Motors and by night, my creative mind is likely to take over and you’ll often find me building custom websites, reading a lot of books and tackling new projects from Pinterest. My latest favourite thing to do is paddle boarding and I recently won a premium subscription to Lumosity so I’ve been playing that daily.

My direction is based on one simple principle: Do good work for good people.